One of the largest Japanese handsaw manufacturer in Japan.

“Banshu Miki (Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture) has been widely known throughout the country since ancient times, and has prospered as Japan’s oldest blacksmith town in many legends and history. Founder “Masaaki Tomosada" was born in such Miki-shi and became sawmaker. Independent in 1969, and established Gyokucho Manufacturer, began manufacturing and selling the original Handsaw.


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Characteristics of different types of blades
If you are looking for a handsaw that can cut all sorts of different materials, this would be the one to choose. They have medium size teeth pitch, and you can cut timbers, green wood, and even plastic.
Different types of teeth settings
Cutting quality is greatly improved by making some variations on the height of the teeth edges. If the height of all the teeth is the same, it cannot cut the material. We make the variations based on different types of saw.
Our impulse hardening is special. This makes the surface of each tooth very hard, but still keeps the inside core flexible. This is the key to blades with longer life.We make all our products go through special surface treatment to prevent rusting.
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