About Nakahashi MFG company

From Innovation to Tradition

Nakahashi MFG. Co., Ltd. has manufactured Industrial tools for over half a century since its establishment.
Our product development is based on what is truly needed at this very moment for the development of society. The products that we have created play an essential role in preserving the Japanese culture, and have now crossed the borders of countries and cultures to contribute to the woodworking industries around the world.
It is our mission to protect our traditions, and strive to create new innovations, all for the purpose of contributing to the development of society.


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Only the world's No. 1 corner, which thoroughly pursues the best balance of the world's best sharpness and durability
Special Treatment
We make full use of our original heat treatment technology and precision cutting technology on our original steel materials, and boast high quality.
Wide range supportive
It supports a wide range of materials, from soft fibrous softwoods to hard, sticky hardwoods, and beautiful cuts contribute to improving the quality of final products.
Made in Japan
100% Nakahashi products are produce in Miki, Japan Miki which is know as city of weapon, since the ancient time.


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