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Advanced HPH™

Designed with an uneven tooth geometry for lower noise and stability, the Advanced HPH™ is able to perform on all types of wood based materials even with the most delicate of surfaces. It does not pull-out the chipboard core and allows furniture manufacturers to achieve a seamless edge when using hot air and laser technology in Edge-Banding processes.

We can supply all Hoggers already fitted to either precision steel tool-holders or hydraulic clamping sleeves, including pneumatic quick-change systems.

The Яeverse™ cutter

The Яeverse™ cutter is designed for better chip-flow. This unique design helps to prevent the double cutting of wood and dust chips through an intelligent positioning of each cutting tooth.

Fast and effective chip-flow increases tool-life; in tests against conventional cutter designs an improvement of 30% was achieved by Яeverse™.

This is an excellent solution for your Batch Size 1 production line.

Nesting 3Real cutter

The 3Real is a cutter aimed at providing a *‘ready to edge band solution’ – straight from Nesting to Edge-Banding.

It is designed to provide 3 full cutting edges along the entire cutting length (*for manufacturers that decide to operate without RH & LH Jointing cutters).

Z3 compression geometry for high speed Nesting with extended tool-life and excellent edge quality due to a high shear angle.

Tool body made from heavy metal for anti-vibration and extra strength.

PCD tip height of 3 mm provides regrinding possibilities that range between 2 to 3 times.

This is a perfect tooling solution for the Nesting of cabinet parts in Melamine Faced Chipboard.


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