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Saw blades

Standard size main blades and scoring blades are available throughout the range for all leading machinery OEMs. Custom-made solutions are also available.

According to the cutting application, tooth shape and cutting geometry have been studied to provide the best results, both in terms of tool-life and performance.

Several PCD tip heights can be chosen according to technical requirements or budget demands, these vary from 3 up to 6 mm.

Ready to edge band

We produce Nesting and Routing cutters for all types of standard and special woodworking applications.

Compression geometries are designed on multiple flutes to increment engagement with the material, increasing stability and helping to reduce vibration. This characteristic helps to raise the possibility of higher RPMs and, consequentially, gives you the potential to boost feed speeds, providing you with more productivity.

Shear angles can vary (depending on the diameter and application) up to 54°.

These tools are available in prevailing positive or negative flutes for guided dust evacuation.

Tool bodies are made from steel or heavy metal anti-vibration bodies, according to their design and application.

PCD tip heights range from an economical 2 mm up to 6 mm that can be re-sharpened between 8 to 10 times.

The seamless edge starts here

M.GI. produce a wide range of hoggers: compact, with radius (Xero8) and the advanced high performance hogger with blades, known as Advanced HPH™

Standard sizes are available as well as Custom-made ones.

As the manufacturing of cabinet components for furniture moves closer to hot air and laser technology in Edge-Banding, the demand for seamless parts is becoming more common.

The first step in achieving this is the choice of a hogging unit used to square the panels. Advanced HPH™ will help.

Your best Batch-Size-1 solution

At M.GI. we produce the full range of cutting tools for through-feed lines, from Batch-Size-1 to full 1st & 2nd machine high speeds lines.

Jointing cutter blocks are available in one piece and two pieces designs, in both symmetrical and asymmetrical versions.

High, Medium and Low shear angles are available, including the MGI HYBRID design.

Several PCD tip heights can be chosen according to technical requirements or budget demands, these vary from 3 up to 6 mm.

We can supply Jointing cutters already fitted to a precision Thermo-Grip holder, or, in the case of through-feed lines, fitted to hydraulic tool-holders.

Make a better hole

Hinge bits are produced based on a Z2+2 chip-breaker design. With their four flutes geometry they provide excellent chip-flow for better dust.

The chip-breaker profile has a unique shape designed to avoid the accumulation of dust and wood particles that can otherwise build up during production.

With the conical tool body design, these hinge bits prevent the wrapping of protective films around the hinge bit during drilling.

Available in 57.5 mm and 70 mm total lengths, with tool bodies made from high quality steel for resistance and durability.

This is a perfect tooling solution for a perfect hole.

Custom Made

Tailoring cutting tool solutions to suit your production and budget requirements.

We are able to design bespoke tooling from scratch, with the aim of improving your present manufacturing process.

We can also produce an exact design according to your instructions.Custom made tooling can be designed and produced quickly to accommodate your ‘just in time’ requirements.


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