Dao gọt 4954R


No.4954 Tape cutter R

Cut the protruding parts of cosmetic tape and wooden tapes, correspond to curved lines


  • Corresponds to curves which could not be handled with diamond tape cutter, pigeon, grip type tape cutter
  • Resin / paper type tape compatible
  • Stainless steel blades can be used on both sides
  • The angle is attached to the head and the cut surface is easy to check
  • By making the shape of the stainless steel blade into a U shape, the escape of the cut tape is smooth


Applicable material Resin / paper type tape
Cuttable range Inner radius: round 50 mm or more
Rounded round rectangle: R 25 mm or more
Material Body: Nylon +
Blade with glass fiber : stainless steel
  • It is not a type that slides back and forth like a diamond tape cutter, a paddle, a grip type tape cutter. It will be forward only.


  • Dimension chart of tape cutter R
Part number Price (excluding tax) JAN
4954 3,000 yen 495403

● Small box: 6 inches ● JAN code lower six digits displayed (4962660)

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Supplementary material

Product brochure (PDF)

  • Tape cutter R product catalog

Usage · Application example

◎ How to use
Press firmly so as not to create a gap To advance
① Use the index finger to press firmly so that no gap is formed between the main body and the workpiece. Attach the thumb so that the main body does not float.
② Advance the main body and cut the protruding decorative tape.
◎ The blade can be used on both sides  ◎ How to remove a blade
Blade can be used on both sides Slide out and take out