Aerotech System E

Aerotech System E


For Nesting cabinet/MDF with straight and profiled HSK20E inserts.

The Aerotech System E is the best solution for the highest performance and production volume.


The HSK clamping system grants exceptional axial and radial accuracy.

Cutters with HSK cone are lighter, shorter and stiffer compared to conventional tools.

High speed machining and faster electro-spindle rotation.

Look at our Aerotech in action

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Technical features

  • Machine interface: HSK-F 63
  • Clamping system: HSK20E
  • Run-out: <0,003 mm x 2.5 D
  • Torque: up to tool failure
  • Rpm: max 24.000
  • Balance: G<2,5 at 25.000 rpm
  • Aerotech diameter: 95 mm / 105 mm
  • Weight: 1,9 kg – 2,1 kg (without tool)
  • Flange: patented Faceplate grill (AER-27F) or Standard flange (AER-28A)


  • Nesting cabinet with straight inserts (AER-27F)
  • Nesting MDF with straight and profiled inserts (AER-28A)


Code D d1 L1 L2 L3
AER-27F 95 26 115 90 75
AER-28A 105 73 115 90 75



Tool-holder for HSK20E inserts

HSK-F 63 precision tool-holder to service HSK20E inserts at any service centre


AERE03 – d: 63 mm


Adapter for HSK20E inserts

Straight shank adapter to service HSK20E inserts at any service centre


AERE04 – d: 25 mm


Mounting plate

for installing and removing HSK20E inserts (s8 T-wrench included)





Aerotech programme

The Aerotech is mostly used to evacuates dust during Nesting & Routing MDF and chipboards. Here are the Aerotechs recommended for these specific operations. But the Aerotech range covers any need.